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Custom Shapers

Contact Us
To begin the process of placing an order for your custom shaper cutter, please fill out the form on our contact us page. You will receive a phone call to discuss your needs and instructions on how to proceed with your order.

Technical Assistance
Many cutting applications require more than a stock answer. T-Alloy or Carbide, multiple wings, shear face, climb cutting, or the use of outboard fences and power feeds. The specialized sales and engineering staff at Freeborn will assist you in meeting your profiling challenges. An infinite number of shapes and sizes will provide a solution to virtually any job. We invite your inquires and stand ready to help you with your stock and custom cutter requirements.

Unsupassed Quality
Our cutters are geometrically precise to the highest standards. For years Freeborn Tool Company has designed, engineered, and manufactured its own profiling equipment, facing machines, and dual side grinders for in-plant use. Coupled with high powered comparators, this equioment has proven to consistently meet our own strict tolerances in manufacturing.

Fast Delivery
Quick turnaround and delivery are essential. Fax your dimensional drawings to us and we will immediately process your order. Smae day quotes are the rule.

Ease of Reordering
Every custom-made Freeborn cutter is given careful attention. Each is assigned its own drawing number which is filed for easy reordering reference. The assigned drawing number allows us to quickly duplicate the exact profile to your original specifications.

Ordering Your Custom Cutter
Please provide the following information:

  • Number of wings.
  • Cutter Diameter.
  • Bore size.
  • Cutter rotation.
  • Material running face up or face down.
  • Type of wood you are cutting.
  • Cutting with or across the grain.
  • Sketch of cutter pattern.
  • Specify T-Alloy or Carbide.